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AADD Programs and Services

AADD provides support to individuals, generally ages 50 years and older, with developmental disabilities. The goal is to assist individuals with maintaining their independence and support them in continuing to be active members of their communities.

Available Supports


AADD staff educates individuals, families, caregivers, employers, support workers, professionals and the community, in the varying issues and needs facing the aging with developmental disabilities population. Education is an essential element in ensuring that needs are recognized, understood, and met. AADD staff provides education through seminars, speaking engagements, an annual conference, and individual assistance and referral services to both individuals aging with disabilities and developmental disability organizations.

Transition to Retirement

A person with a developmental disability, like anyone else, has the option of retirement from their life in the workforce. However, individuals with a developmental disability may not look forward to retirement. The reasons vary, but include economic loss, loss of socialization and friendships, isolation, and boredom. Each person's needs, interests, and fears are different. AADD staff work individually with our consumers to assist with this transition from employment to a fulfilling retirement. Staff conduct individualized assessments and develop transition plans. Transition plans are driven by the wants and needs of the individual, with input from family members and others who know the person well. Each retirement plan is custom designed and may also include supports for family members.

Retirement Groups

One option in meeting the needs of individuals in retirement is participation in a support group. Senior support groups meet at local senior centers and provide opportunities to learn about issues important to seniors, socialize with others of similar backgrounds, and develop lasting, caring, supportive relationships. AADD staff support our consumers with participating in these groups.

In-Home Support

In addition to community involvement and activities, individuals may also have a need for support in their home. These supports may include someone to assist with bill paying, shopping, meal preparation and cooking, housekeeping, personal care and hygiene, medication administration, problem solving, or other individualized needs. Depending on the need, AADD staff may directly provide these supports or assist in locating the needed resources.

Off-Site Day Habilitation Services

With state, County and City of St. Louis funding, AADD provides individualized one on one support to individuals in accessing their community. This service provides the individual, as well as their family members, with the supports needed to maintain maximum independence. Off-site day hab services range from 1 hour to 40 hours per week, depending on need.

AADD Social Clubs

Social Clubs is a large group socialization program that meets on Saturday nights and is open to adults (age 21 and over) with a developmental disability who reside in St. Louis City and County (specific eligibility requirements vary by funder). Participants in Social Clubs have the opportunity to choose from a variety of activities, including dances, bowling, movies, out to eat, wrestling, plays and musicals. Please call (314) 647-2203 for additional information.

AADD Challenges Unlimited

Challenges Unlimited is a group recreation program that meets after work and is open to adults (age 21 and over) with a developmental disability who reside in St. Louis City. Participants have the opportunity to participate in health and fitness classes, learn new skills, and attend community activities. Please call (314) 647-8101 for additional information.

Supported Living

The Supported Living Program teaches independent living skills and supports individuals in developing and maintaining the skills needed to succeed in independent living. This service is available to adults (age 18 and over) with a developmental disability living in St. Louis City.

Youth Adult Support

In addition to services specifically designed to meet the needs of older adults with developmental disabilities, AADD provides select services to younger individuals with developmental disabilities, as well.

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